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Team CPI Shanghai Shares in the Excitement of the Beijing Olympics

8/28/2008 7:20:42 AM

The United States and China brought home more medals at this year’s Olympic competition than any other country, with the U.S. earning a total of 110 and China earning 100. Members of CPI’s representative office, located in Pudong (Shanghai), China enjoyed the festivities of the Beijing Olympics as they closely watched both countries “bring home the gold”.

Frank Zheng, CPI’s Regional Manager for China, made this interesting analogy with the Olympics, “With the China team winning the race for gold medals and the U.S. team running a close second, our customers are also able to “bring home the gold” by specifying and using CPI products that help them lower the total cost of ownership of IT rooms, particularly cooling and power costs in data centers.”

Though the games have come to an end, CPI’s China team continues to pursue excellence daily as they meet the need of our customers in Asia. Our team includes:

  • Garry Yan, Area Sales Director, Asia Pacific
  • Frank Zheng, Regional Manager, China
  • Evelyn Tang, Office Manager
  • Michael Zhang, Technical Support Manager, Asia Pacific

Customers located in the Asia Pacific region can rely on CPI to deliver the same quality products and solutions available to our customers in the U.S. Additionally, in-country manufacturing enables us to meet needs quickly and efficiently.

CPI Passive Cooling® Solutions, has proven to be a popular solution in the U.S. for managing heat in the data center. It promises to be just as vital in China as new data centers are built. CPI recognized the problem of increasing density requirements and energy consumption, and designed a thermal management solution that uses passive technologies to maximize airflow to cool equipment in the data center without the need for additional CRAC units, in-row air conditioners or risky liquid cooling solutions. This innovative technology reduces energy costs up to 40% and increases overall energy efficiency, which minimizes environmental impact, making it the Simply Efficient™ choice.

Our international customers may purchase CPI products through our international distributors. We also encourage all of our customers to take advantage of services such as free room layouts, the Product Configurator, CFD modeling and more. To find out more about our services please call our Shanghai office at: +86 21 6880 0266 or email our Technical Support Team. Our office is located at:

Room 2109, South Tower
528 South Pudong Road
Pudong, Shanghai
China 200120

The 2008 Summer Olympics may have come to an end, but the CPI team in China continues to work together to give our customers winning products and solutions.

CPI China Team

Michael, Evelyn, Frank, Garry at the Data Center Dynamics Show
in Shanghai in May 2008.

Kim Ream, eMarketing Designer

CPI Employee Attitudes Take a Toll on Local Communities

8/22/2008 1:49:33 PM

For many this time of the year is filled with preparations for a new school year. Often the cost of school supplies, clothes, school fees, etc. are too much for the family budget, especially in a time where prices seem to be higher than ever. CPI employees experience the same struggles, but continue to look for ways to help others who live in the communities surrounding our three manufacturing facilities.

Our New Bern, N.C. employees raised a total of $420 for J. T. Barber Elementary School.

School SuppliesIn Georgetown, Texas our employees collected school supplies for three area school districts and were able to help 181 students, including 20 of our own children. Remaining supplies were given to Special Olympics. “Our employee owners have a compassion for others,” explains Marta Rodriguez, shipping clerk and active volunteer. “We knew there was a need, especially with the current economy, and we wanted to meet the need.”

Georgetown is also sending care packages to our troops in Iraq each month. A pen pal program is also getting under way.

Not to be overlooked, our fury four-legged friends received donations from our employees In Chatsworth, Calif. who donated four boxes of toys, collars, leashes, newspapers and shampoo to the local animal shelter.

New Bern EmployeesFor every outreach project we undertake, it costs time and money, but we do it cheerfully and the results are well worth it. In the coming months we are planning additional projects like “Coats for Kids” and a food drive. We could say that we are doing all of this to be good corporate citizens, but the bottom line is that our motto “We’re All In This Together” reaches further than our front doors. Kim Ream, eMarketing Designer

Configuration Tip: Making Changes to a Configured Product in Progress

8/13/2008 5:46:27 AM

I spend most of my days deeply immersed in the CPI Product Configurator adding updates and enhancements to make the tool as useful to our customers as possible. As the Configurator “go to guy” I often get questions about the tool’s finer points so, I thought I’d share a few that may be helpful.

How do I make changes to a product I’m in the process of configuring? While this may seem intuitive to some, I do get questions about this. First, do not use the backwards arrow button. (Fig 1) Because the Configurator is a step-by-step process, hitting the back button will not retrieve the information you provided on the last page.  

Figure 1

Instead use the links located in the left margin under “Previous Selections”. (Fig 2) This is sometimes referred to as a “bread crumb trail”. If you hover over one of the selections, you can actually see the features you've chosen. See something you want to change? Click on that selection and you are carried back to that screen. Now, you can make any edits you want and continue on through the design. However, it is necessary to retrace your steps so the values stored in the Configurator can be reset as needed. John Bennett, Senior eMarketing Specialist


Figure 2

CPI Product Sightings

8/8/2008 12:06:38 PM

CPI products are used by companies worldwide and we have slick professional photos to prove it. But as employees, nothing quite makes your day like inadvertently running across one of your products in use. Just this week, there were two rack sightings; one in a Chicago mall and the other in “USA Today”.

Sarah Gaskins, a CPI employee in North Carolina, recounts her rack sighting:

Libby Lu Uses CPI"Any working Mom knows you can’t go home from a week of business travel without souvenirs for your kids. My dilemma is that the generic “Chicago Rocks” T-Shirt from the airport gift shop just won’t do for my 7-year-old drama queen. While I was in Oak Brook, IL last week attending training, I made a quick stop by the mall near my hotel.

I made my way to the closest Club Libby Lu’s. (This is every little tween girl’s dream store!) Hannah Montana was blasting from the overhead speakers. Glitter and sparkles were everywhere in sight. Finding the perfect gift was easy. My “Tween Queen” would love everything in this store. I picked up a few things and made my way to the check out.

And then, what a delight to see - standing tall and proud among all of the frill and sparkle - a CPI Standard Rack. Club Libby Lu’s offers products to make every girl feel special and an opportunity to just have fun. The great thing to see is that Chatsworth Products played a part!

Way to go CPI! Thanks for helping this working Mom rank #1 after being away from home all week!"

Tom Cabral, a CPI Sales Manager, keeps his explanation brief:

CPI Rack"I was in Denver waiting for my flight which was delayed two hours. I sat down next to a “USA Today” newspaper that someone had left behind. When I came to the money section, the main story was about a hacker in Moscow. I turned the page and there it was, a photo of a tech working on a telecommunication rack and the rack was from CPI. You could even see our blue sticker on the wire management! Totally cool!"

Telecommunications Rack vs. Sasquatch

Our employees may be similar to Bigfoot enthusiasts when it comes to getting a glimpse of our products in their natural habitat, but our sightings are well documented and we’ve got the photos to prove it!


It Pays to Stay Up To Date

8/1/2008 7:38:15 AM

CPI's New MUTOA  Floor BoxKnowledge is power.

As you know,  in this very competitive market it pays to be as informed as possible on what products and solutions are available.  I was recently in a discussion with a customer who uses many of our products, but because he was using an older version of our catalog he was not aware of some of our newest products.  With constantly changing technologies and methods of improving performance  it is important that you have this resource at your fingertips.  With the newest catalog, he would have been aware of the new Evolution Cable Management FamilyZone Cabling Enclosures and Fiber Management Products.  If you don’t have a copy of our 2008 catalog, request one by filling out this form.

Another great source of information is our online Documentation Center.  The doc center is filled with downloadable documents in PDF format. You’ll find data sheets, application sheets, installation instructions and images. You can search for documents by part number or keyword.

Our white papers are also a great source of in-depth information that many of our customers find helpful.  We have a team on staff that routinely writes and update these documents.  These papers can create great discussion points that may lead to a solution or the best method to accomplish your mission.

The easiest way to gain information is to pick up the phone and call 800-834-4969. Our Customer Service team or our Technical Support team can quickly answer your product questions, help track down an elusive answers or make suggestions on how to accomplish a difficult task. You can also send them an email.

The old adage “if you don’t ask, it is assumed that you know already” can hurt, because your competitor may have already asked and knows. Tom Bradley, Technical Support Supervisor