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Knowledge is Power... and Cabinets, Cabling and More - How CPI Training Benefits You

9/23/2011 3:06:42 PM

Lately, we've been telling you a lot about the ways in which Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) interacts with our customers out in the field. That includes the on-going U.S. Data Center Efficiency Technical Seminar Series (next stop: Washington D.C. Sept. 28), our Mexico City CDAT Seminar Series, and the upcoming KyotoCooling® Conference in Helena, Montana.

CPI Online TrainingBut did you know that staying in touch with CPI is never further than a click away, no matter the time, place or day? While in-person events are a great way to get hands-on with many of CPI's latest and greatest products and solutions, our vast library of online training sessions and instructional seminars means we bring the learning straight to the distributors, resellers, contractors and system integrators who serve you.

Keeping these groups up-to-date and in-the-know about our CPI products and solutions ensures that each and every customer is fully educated to make the right selections based on exact spec and need. This includes in-depth audio and video training on popular products such as CPI's GF-Series GlobalFrame® Cabinet, Cable Management Products, TeraFrame® Family of Cabinets and more. Each training module is narrated by CPI Sales Representatives, Product Managers and Technical Support, and then made available to all registered users of the CPI on-demand training portal.

While access to this on-demand training portal does require login, those interested can contact Michele Hammer via email and an account will be created.

Ultimately, we're dedicated to constantly advancing the skill-set and expertise of our staff, who in turn can bring that knowledge directly (or in-directly if you'd so prefer) to you. As the industry evolves, the products and solutions that we develop must adapt to new space constraints, standards and challenges. CPI training is here to bridge the gap. Michele Hammer, Sales and Marketing Training Manager and Jeff Cihocki, eContent Specialist 

Survey Yields Top Six Issues Facing Data Center Operators Today: Part One - Running Out of Space

9/23/2011 3:03:11 PM

DCK_BLOG_LOGO_SEPT11.jpgIf you're not familiar with it already, Data Center Knowledge (DCK) is one of the industry's leading online sources for daily news and analysis for everything data center. Just named one of the 50 Must-Read IT Blogs by Biz Tech Magazine, DCK also provides a great platform to measure the pulse of what really excites (and worries) data center managers and staff at large as the industry continues to evolve.

Just recently, DCK published the results of their 2011 Data Center Market Insight Report, a detailed analysis and survey of data center operators on all manner of topics, including growth strategy and pain points.

Throughout the coming days and weeks, Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) is going to count down the top six issues important to our fellow data center enthusiasts and explore in detail how CPI excels in each. Let's start with the sixth-most important rated issue according to the DCK survey, Running Out of Space.

Space: The Final Frontier or Just Another Obstacle?

These days, it's hard to drive a mile in either direction without seeing a "big-box" storefront. You know the ones, bright colors, larger-than-life logos, and names we all know by heart. And just as you might suspect, the "bigger is better" mantra applies to each - create a space large enough to house nearly everything under the sun, and offer consumers the convenience of a one-stop shopping experience.

Now, apply that logic to the data center and you begin to see some parallels, and some vast differences. For starters, space is a huge commodity. And while the large scale enterprise players can and will afford to create new (large) space as needed, there are just as many hard-working small and mid-level data centers, equipment rooms and premise network environments out there that need to make do with their lot in life… not matter how small that lot may be.

BLOG_PHONE BOOTH_SEPT11.jpgIs your data center or network room bursting at the seams due to lack of space? 












For these folks, running out of space is more about when than if. And as new data piles up, archives become digitized and the cloud rolls in, it's not just servers that need more volume, its every last square foot of the room where those servers sit - down to the cabinet footprint, cable management and wall-mount rack space.

Store, Organize and Optimize

TeraFrame Family of CabinetsTo that end, CPI offers a wide variety of cabinet solutions that not only meet industry sizing standards such as EIA-310-E, they adapt easily to specific architectural concerns like access floor height, ceiling height and overall layout challenges. Furthermore, many cabinet solutions pair with thermal management accessories that reduce the need for obtrusive and space-hogging cooling equipment.

Cable Management and PathwayAnother excellent opportunity for maximizing space resides in intelligent cable management and cable pathway. Better organized cables within and surrounding cabinets and racks means less clutter and more room for supporting equipment, while CPI's cable pathway products offer solutions to route cable below raised floor or overhead using tray or ladder-rack style configurations, each making practical use of space far too often underutilized.

EasySwing Wall-Mount RackAnd for those extra small spaces (you know the ones, sharing space with the janitor's closet!), CPI offers a wide range of both open and enclosed wall-mount systems that feature small exterior dimensions to fit nicely in the tightest of spaces while offering easily accessible swing gates for even easier access in close quarters (such as CPI's EasySwing™ Wall-Mount Rack, seen here).

When it comes to running out of space in the data center, CPI products and solutions have room to spare.

Be sure to stay tuned for our recap of the fifth-most important issue according to DCK, Running Out of Power. Jeff Cihocki, eContent Specialist 

KyotoCooling and CPI Passive Cooling Support Innovative, Sustainable Data Center for State of Montana

9/23/2011 3:02:20 PM

Helena Capital Building statueForged by a true pioneer spirit, the State of Montana inhabits a place (and time zone) all its own - a place known simply as "Big Sky Country." Yet for all its wide open spaces and natural wonder, Montana's true grit resides in a rich tradition of capitalizing on "golden" opportunities. Case in point? In a city where more millionaires lived (per capita) than any other in the world at the turn of the 20th century, Helena, Montana is now home to a whole new kind of goldmine - that of the first-ever United States data center to use the remarkably efficient, energy recovery wheel, air-to-air heat exchange cooling system known as KyotoCooling® - supported by CPI Passive Cooling® Solutions.

But just how did the State of Montana go from a data center operating at a frigid 45 degrees Fahrenheit just to cool blade servers to a brand new facility reporting PUEs of an astounding 1.08? Let's find out.

In 2007, the Montana State legislature appropriated funds for two new data centers. With top-level goals in mind (reliability, security, and efficiency) and a challenge from the governor - the '20 by 10' initiative calling for energy consumption in state-owned buildings to decrease by 20 percent before the end of 2010 - two groups within the state's department of administration set out on the job - Information Technology Services Division (ITSD) and the Architecture and Engineering Division (A&E).

Because of Montana's unique geographical location, weather patterns and scarce population, the need for a reliable data center was paramount - especially considering the state's citizens, taxpayers and employees depend on the facility to manage everything from payroll to medical info. Likewise, it was imperative to seek solutions that would not only ensure reliability full stop, but do so in a highly cost-conscious and environmentally-friendly manner.

KyotoCooling wheel during installationWith all planning pieces in place, the state then set its sterling reputation for self-reliance to task, took a lead-by-example approach, and set an innovative new precedent by selecting the KyotoCooling thermal management technique, supported by Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) infrastructure storage and CPI Passive Cooling®.

Thanks to plenty of prior analysis and research, the State of Montana paired its thermal solution with CPI's F-Series TeraFrame® Cabinets, equipped with Vertical Exhaust Ducts to allow hot air to be directed out of the cabinets and into an isolated return path above the drop ceiling. In isolating the hot return air, it's then circulated and absorbed by the innovative Kyoto wheel, and mixed with the seasonally cool, outside air to negate the need for more traditional (and more expensive) methods of cooling.

See this Data Center for Yourself


To truly appreciate what the State of Montana has accomplished with this data center, CPI is teaming up with KyotoCooling and industry experts to bring you the first-ever U.S. KyotoCooling Conference - October 25-26, 2011. This is your chance to tour the data center, meet the team, engage in presentations by CPI's Ian Seaton, the Uptime Institute's Robert "Dr. Bob" Sullivan, and the architect of KyotoCooling himself, Mees Lodder. The best part of all? The conference is complimentary! Register here for this one-of-a-kind event. Jeff Cihocki, eContent Specialist 

CPI Technical Support Team visits Anixter Infrastructure Solutions Lab

9/23/2011 3:01:17 PM

This past August, members of the Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) Technical Support Team had the opportunity to visit Glenview, Illinois, corporate home to distributor partner Anixter, and tour their Infrastructure Solutions Lab - known simply as the LAB. Check out this quick video tour to get a better idea.


As a cutting edge training, testing and demo site for a variety of vendor products sold through Anixter, the LAB isn't all that different from CPI's own Research, Development and Training (RD&T) Center located in Georgetown, Texas, and as such, the CPI Technical Team felt right at home learning more about our partners' capabilities.

Also during our visit to the LAB, where over 600 customers on average visit per year, we were intrigued to learn that Anixter's original "Levels" program was developed there, which then evolved into the well-known Category rating system that Structured Cabling uses to this day.

In the LAB's demo room, we were proud to see three CPI cabinet enclosures (two F-Series TeraFrame® Cabinets and one GF-Series GlobalFrame®) installed on-site, giving all visiting customers the chance to compare the quality, features and aesthetics of CPI solutions to the competition. Likewise, the demo area allows customers to see a variety of product and application solutions, and using a handy 70" touchscreen monitor, they can even access various data center management software interfaces, including CPI's own Scalable Enterprise Management Application (SEMA) Software.

All in all, our trip to the Anixter LAB was a rewarding experience and just one of the many ways in which CPI Technical Support is constantly striving to better our knowledge and expertise within the industry. That reminds me - do you have a question for CPI Technical Support? Give us a call at 800-834-4969 or ask hereLonnie Long, Technical Support 

CPI's BIM Drawings Database Now Available Online

9/23/2011 3:00:19 PM

BIM DrawingsBack at the beginning of the year, Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) told you about an exciting new addition to our comprehensive set of Design Tools and Downloads, 3D Drawings for Building Information Modeling - better known industry-wide as BIM.

We're now thrilled to announce that the popular 3D drawings used by Autodesk® Revit® users to explore a project's key physical characteristics before construction can now be quickly and easily accessed directly from the web at our BIM Drawings page.

For those of you who already have a CPI website account, simply visit the page to begin browsing. If you don't already have an online account, click here to create one and gain free and instant access to download our entire BIM Drawings database, featuring more than 80 percent of CPI's most popular products (with more added all the time). We even offer more BIM Drawings than any other IT infrastructure provider in these major product families:

  • Cabinet & Enclosure Systems
  • Rack Systems
  • Cable Management
  • Cable Runway
  • Wall-Mount Systems
Gaining access to the page will also allow you to view specific product information and availability of all BIM Drawings. And as always, if you'd prefer a hard copy of any CPI BIM Drawings, don't hesitate to contact your CPI Regional Sales Manager, who'll be glad to send you a specially-prepared CD (with unique tracking code for updates as necessary).
Of course, BIM Drawings are just one of the many unique and value-added site tools we offer you to better plan, manage and maintain all your IT infrastructure storage needs. Those include:
  • CPI Product Configurator
  • MasterFormat™ Specifications
  • OSHPD Pre-Approved Products List
  • Cable Fill Tables
  • CPI PUE Calculator
  • Visio Shapes
  • CAD Blocks and more
Any additional assistance with these tools, including CPI BIM Drawings, will gladly be fielded by CPI Technical Support at 800-834-4969 or online. Jeff Cihocki, eContent Specialist 

CPI Product Round-Up: New Additions, Helpful Upgrades and More

9/23/2011 2:59:27 PM

As always, we've been busy here at Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) refining our product line to bring customers the solutions they need, when they need them. Here's a look at three recent updates to some of those products:

  • GlobalFrame Cable ManagersGF-Series GlobalFrame® Cabinet Cable Manager - As CPI's most recently released and easy-to-use, cost-effective network cabinet, the GF-Series GlobalFrame® not only lives up to its versatility in terms of worldwide availability, but standard and custom configuration when it comes to accessories. That includes important additions and updates to the GlobalFrame's Cable Management offering, which now includes a reduced overall depth for the GF-Series GlobalFrame Vertical Cable Managers and new cable ring managers.
  • SEMA on a ServerSEMA Software Available on 1U Server - Think of CPI's Scalable Management Application (SEMA) Software like the ultimate master control room of your data center - except it's all digital, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, and always working to help monitor and control everything from KVM switching, asset management, power, environmental conditions, and equipment performance - all the way down to the rack level. Now imagine this comprehensive management software system pre-installed on a high-performance server, ready for plug and play on day one. SEMA is now fully populated, integrated and ready to deploy - providing you the important statistical and diagnostic data center info you need from the moment it arrives.
  • Cable Retaining PostCable Retaining Post - When it comes to CPI's most popular Cable Runway products, even the smallest accessories can make the biggest difference. That's the case with an important update to our offering of the CPI Cable Retaining Post - now conveniently available in abundant packs of 50 posts per carton. Providing extra cable depth to 1½  (38 mm) Cable Runway installation and mountable onto Cable Runway side stringers, the Cable Retaining Post is available in a variety of finishes, including gold over zinc plating painted gray, white or black.

If you're interested in learning more about the products above, or need assistance with an application where these products might provide useful, be sure to contact CPI Technical Support via customer support or call 800-834-4969. Jeff Cihocki, eContent Specialist 

Back in Action: CPI's Data Center Efficiency Technical Seminar Series for 2011

9/23/2011 2:58:03 PM

Pardon us for saying this (all you back-to-school'ers), but we are more than ready to say "sayonara" to summer. Between record-breaking heat waves (70+ days of 100 degree temperatures at our Georgetown, TX facility), water-logged and wind-swept hurricanes (don't mention the name "Irene" around New Bern, NC), and earthquakes (Chatsworth and Westlake Village, CA... wait... a... second... that was an east-coast earthquake!), we've officially seen it all this summer.

Seminar-Series-Web-Main-No-Logos.jpgSo you'll understand why we're thrilled to welcome autumn (and its hopeful lack of eventful weather) with open arms. But better still, fall also marks another welcome return to normal - the Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) Data Center Efficiency Technical Seminar Series for 2011.

After awesome turnout during the first half of this year's events, CPI is once again ready to partner with industry experts from EDI, Ltd,, Starline, Stulz, Corning Cabling Systems, and recently-added Innovative Research and CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) to bring you an engaging mix of data center best practices and both BICSI Continuing Education Credits (CECs) and American Institute of Architects (AIA) Learning Units (LUs).

Everything from airflow management in the data center to insider info on power and cabling will be discussed at length, with up to 7 BICSI CECs and 2 AIA LUs available per session. Upcoming dates/locations include:

  • Sept. 14 - Chicago, IL
  • Sept. 28 - Washington D.C.
  • Oct. 12 - Southern CA
  • Oct. 18 - Salt Lake City, UT
  • Oct. 20 - Phoenix, AZ
  • Oct. 26 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Nov. 9 - New York, NY
  • Nov. 16 - Atlanta, GA
If you are interested in attending any one of these complimentary seminar events (with lunch included), be sure to visit the registration page for more info. We look forward to seeing you there! Jeff Cihocki, eContent Specialist