Space-Saving Solutions for Spring: Zone Cabling and Wireless Enclosures; Wall-Mount Racks and Cabinets

eNews April 11 Main-Story-Zone.jpgWith temperatures on the rise, leaves on the trees and a long, cold winter finally behind us, it's time for some much-needed spring cleaning! To clear up the clutter that can build up in data centres, premise network rooms and other telecommunication spaces, Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) has the perfect spring solution: Zone Cabling and Wireless Enclosures.

Whether on the go, in the office, warehouse or otherwise, today's industries need a flexible, mobile workspace. That means IT support systems must be able to quickly deploy new technologies, add workers and move workstations at a moment's notice.

With all that hustle and bustle (not to mention the rise in smartphone and touchscreen tablet use for business), the easiest way to de-clutter and streamline an installation resides in three key areas:

eNews Cube-it-Plus-Enclosure.jpgAt the product level, CPI offers several styles of fixed and swing gate Wall-Mount Racks and Cabinets including the EasySwing™ Wall-Mount Rack, ThinLine™ Wall-Mount Cabinet and CUBE-iT PLUS™ Wall-Mount Cabinet - all available in a variety of sizes.

Zone Enclosures offer a variety of UL Listed products that fit under a raised floor or within a drop ceiling, including the Raised Floor Pivoting Rail Enclosure, Ceiling Mounted Termination Block Enclosure and Multi-User Telecommunications Outlet Assembly (MUTOA) Floor Box.

Last but not least, CPI offers several styles of wall-mount and drop ceiling Wireless Enclosures, including a Ceiling Mounted Domed Wireless Enclosure and several NEMA-rated Wall-Mount Wireless Enclosures that are ideal for warehouses, manufacturing facilities and even outdoor spaces.

Ultimately, CPI Zone Cabling and Wireless Enclosures are an excellent way to maximise the efficiency of your space (no matter how small) while ensuring a safe and secure storage solution. Plus, with the consolidation these solutions offer, future growth becomes a benefit, not a burden.

Get in the zone and contact CPI for all your Zone Cabling and Wireless Enclosure needs.



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Watch this video on YouTube or our Website.

Case Study: Orlando Health

Healthcare Requires Contemporary Design that Provides an Estimated 30% Savings in Cooling Efficiency

Perhaps more than any other industry today, healthcare is in a state of extraordinary transition. For Orlando Health, a comprehensive, private and non-profit healthcare network in Central Florida, this transition included a shift towards electronic medical records (EMR) and patient billing.

To ensure reliability in a more robust network infrastructure to support this shift, Orlando Health called upon Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) to help create an innovative, state-of-the-art data centre that supports healthcare reform in the realm of digital data.

Building a new data centre that could not only handle this expansion, but dependably manage such a high volume of data on a consistent basis meant Orlando Health needed to ensure a variety of key variables in optimal data centre build and maintenance - chief among them - thermal management.

To tackle the issue of cooling, Orlando Health implemented a contemporary design using CPI's glacier white TeraFrame® F-Series Cabinets equipped with Vertical Exhaust Ducts, which allowed hot air to be directed out of the cabinet and into an isolated return air path above the drop ceiling (not to mention decreasing lighting costs thanks to the white cabinets). This isolation approach also allowed Orlando Health to replace a previous raised floor design with slab flooring, allowing CPI cable pathways to be installed above the CPI cabinets.
enews OH-Quote.jpgThe flexibility, energy efficiency, and customisation of Orlando Health's data centre proved to be well worth the journey. "Since we've been in this facility, we've had the same cooling capacity, twice the amount of floor space to cool and we don't have any type of heat issues at all. In fact, the temperature is staying 10 to 12 degrees cooler than what our other facility was," said Patricia Wood, Technical Services Manager at Orlando Health. Based on computer modelling, the less traditional approach "should save an estimated 30 percent in cooling efficiency" according to Senior Manager, Technical Services, Chuck Hahn. "If given the opportunity to start with a whole fresh room then we would deploy this same design again."

Of course, there's much more to Orlando Health's success story than meets the eye. In addition to reading the complete story here, be sure to browse photos and watch this special video recap, highlighting all of the positive transformations that Orlando Health's new state-of-the-art data centre have undergone thanks to CPI's Passive Cooling Solutions and more.



International News: Mexico City Seminar Series

Customers, contractors and colleagues in the Latin America region are invited to attend a series of seminars targeting data centre solutions and best practises being held at CPI's new Centro De Diseno Y Alta Tecnologia (CDAT) in Mexico City.

The seminar series includes two sets of curriculum; one is geared towards end-users and will be conducted in conjunction with our partners at Corning Cable Systems,IGSA Power and Total Ground. The second set is designed for our CPI Certified Contractors.

The series is now underway and will continue through December. Each participant will receive an informational workbook for your convenience. For a complete list of dates please follow the below link to CPI's Cross Connect Blog. For more information or to register, please contact Rosa Romero Ruiz at +52-55-5203-7525.

 eNews CDAT-Seminar.jpg

Training Event: KyotoCooling® Comes to the U.S.

After a long-running series of successful KyotoCooling® Conferences in Europe, it's time for a United States-based installation to host an event focused on this innovative data centre cooling technique.

Come to Helena, Montana for the KyotoCooling Conference this May 17-18, 2011 to learn from top industry experts about the evolution, latest developments, financial metrics, and how to design, build and maintain a KyotoCooling system.

See how CPI's various containment solutions allow operating set-points that maximise the effectiveness of the KyotoCooling solution. In addition to a first-hand tour of Montana's working site, attendees can also look forward to remotely operating the Amersfoort, Netherlands KyotoCooling test site (includes AirLull and ECO controller demo) and much more.

 eNews KyotoCooling-Thumb.jpg

Training Event: Data Centre Efficiency Seminar Series

Don't forget to register for the complimentary CPI Data Centre Efficiency Technical Seminar Series. Your chance to earn 6 BICSI Continuing Education Credits and more awaits. Upcoming dates include:
  • 04-May-2011 - Denver, CO
  • 01 June 2011 - Boston, MA
  • 15 June 2011 - Seattle, WA
  • 22 June 2011 - Dallas, TX
 enews Data-Center-Seminar.jpg

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